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"I have now been a patient of Duffy and Kwiatt, DDS, for a few years. This practice is a “ten” in every regard. They are on time, the staff is courteous and pleasant, and Dr. Tom Kwiatt is the consummate professional. I recently had a root canal and past experience with other practices gave dread. However, a two-part procedure was 100% painless (yes, with lidocaine) both during and after. I never felt a thing!
Other visits for cleanings, a cavity, etc. were similarly professional and without any discomfort.

I wholeheartedly endorse Drs. Duffy and Kwiatt for all of your dental needs. It just does not get any better."

By John A.


"Dr. Duffy has been my dentist for 10+ years. His wife Janet, and staff are extremely friendly, professional and very thorough. They a sincere interest in not only the health of your teeth, but also to learn more about you."

By Tammy J.


"I always look forward to going to see Dr. Kwiatt and his staff--first rate service, high quality professionalism and friendly atmosphere."

By Barbara S.


"We first came to your office on a referral from my children’s’ orthodontist, Dr. Graber (Vernon Hills).  I had asked them to provide a competent local dentist as we had experienced significant difficulties in this area over the past several years. 

Though I have shared my personal appreciation directly with you all concerning my satisfaction with the quality of services that my family and I have received in your care, as well as the value offered via the Quality Dental Plan, I felt compelled to write this note to express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude.

We moved to the area back in 1998, and I spent the last 12 years with four different dental offices trying to find the right fit for our family.  Unfortunately, sometimes the issue with the other offices was competency, sometimes customer care.  The overall result is that we were not happy.  We are a family of four, without dental insurance.  We reside on a well (not public utilities), so our issues were further complicated as we did not have the benefits of fluoride in our water.  Personally, I had back-logged dental issues because I was unable to place myself comfortably in the care of the right professional.

During the summer of 2013, based on Dr. Graber’s referral, I first visited your office.  I was treated in a friendly and professional manner and made to feel welcome.  Dr. Kwiatt and Jaimee conducted an initial consultation and we discussed my needs – which were many – Root canal with post, 8 total crowns, broken teeth, aged and crumbling fillings, all resulting from poor luck of the draw in the gene pool combined with poor treatment/care.  Over the next ten months Dr. Kwiatt, Jaimee, and the rest of the team took care of me.  I never experienced a moment of discomfort while in your care.  I couldn’t believe that you were able to take care of me without any pain, added stress, or worry.  I honestly believe that you were more concerned about my “temporaries” than I was.  My smile is now beautiful …and healthy!

Once I was comfortable in your hands, I began bringing in my kids and my husband – all with varying needs.  My husband had a problem with a prior root canal – which you addressed beautifully and comfortably!  My kids have had their visits, as well……x-rays, cleanings, even a filling or two...Needless to say, we will be your patients forever more.  We all received quality care, absolute comfort, and at a manageable cost.

As I said, I have expressed our gratitude directly.  I write this letter so that other families in the area will hear firsthand about your practice and our experience.  I simply couldn’t be happier with the care that we’ve received!"

By Mary C.


"I have had the pleasure of being Dr. Kwiatt’s patient since 1999. He has been with me for my first cavity, Zoom whitening for my wedding, Clear Correct to straighten my teeth, and most recently my three year old daughter’s first visit!  He is committed to staying current in the profession, and giving each patient his full attention. I completely trust him with all of my dental needs, and know that every experience with the staff of this practice will be a pleasant one. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone!"

 By Erin L.


My family has been patients of Duffy and Kwiatt Dental Associates for many years. Dr. Kwiatt was my son's first dentist and even then he had a way with children. He managed to convince my 4 year old son (who is now 35) that he was getting Star Wars fillings! Through the years the conscientious, gentle, and personal service of the whole staff has made our dental visits a pleasure. The staff has worked hard to maintain positive relationships and always have cheerful greetings and a sincere interest in how we are doing. During these many years even though we have moved out of the area, everyone, except my son who has moved to another state, continue to return to Dr. Kwiatt for check-ups, maintenance and the rare emergency. As someone who was terrified of dentists when I first sat in Dr. Kwiatt's dental chair, I can honestly say that my comfort along with excellent care has been the top priority of him and his staff. It was a lucky day when I first walked into make an appointment. Thank you for maintaining such a high standards over the decades and for making each visit a pleasant one.

By Cheryl K.


It's my pleasure to serve as a reference for Duffy and Kwiatt Dental Associates. I've received state of the art dental services from the professional staff and get real "patient service" from the staff who help me problem solve insurance and scheduling issues. I'm always glad to see them and appreciate the care they provide to insure my health in a patient friendly practice!

By Kathy R.


I am a relatively new comer, about 5 years as a patient. I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that while I am a basic scaredy cat when it comes to anyone digging around in my mouth, I am becoming more confident and comfortable with each visit. This is really saying a lot, because I am having more serious dental issues and work lately. I especially appreciate knowing that the staff is keeping current with the latest and greatest techniques. That in addition to my positive experiences I am happy to recommend your practice to anyone who may need a new dentist. A special call out to Dr. Kwiatt, Jaimee and Michele. They have been fabulous. Congratulations again on this special anniversary. Best wishes for continued success.

Marianne S.


Having moved all over the country and experienced several dental practices over the years, my family and I consider ourselves very lucky to have been referred to Dr. Kwiatt by one of my coworkers. He and his staff know us by name and treat us like family. They provide cheerful professionalism along with excellent care. Dr. Kwiatt uses modern technology to explain his treatment recommendations in a way that makes sense to us. This is the best dental care we've ever received.

Chris M.


I have been a patient/customer of Duffy & Kwiatt Dental Associates since they first opened their offices in Vernon Hills, IL. Since my professional responsibilities have resulted in a number of relocations throughout the country, we have always returned to the Duffy & Kwiatt practice for the best in dental care. Their professional attitude, knowledge, care and practice is second to none and therefore, it is without reservation that I highly recommend their services to family, friends and anyone seeking the best in dentistry.

By Joe F.


I have seen many different dentists in Lake County over the last 30 years. I wasn't very good about regular checkups so I would switch dentists because I was too embarrassed to go back to the previous one. About 10 years ago DR. Duffy was recommended by a friend. As it turned out I needed some serious cleaning but he made me feel like that was no big deal. It wasn't. Ever since then I have been a loyal and regular client. Once you meet him you will know you are in the hands of a real professional. He expects and gets the same from his staff.

By Steve S.


This is my best objective opinion based on more than 30 years of personal and family experiences as patients of Duffy & Kwiatt. They always have been top-drawer in service - best in any professional category - medical or other. Recently my crown came out and they saw me as soon as I arrived - even before the scheduled appointment time. Bob Duffy is the best, and his staff and dental assistants are pleasant, polite, and show initiative and interest in their jobs...well-chosen and well-coached. I like the idea of their daily meetings with staff before patients arrive. That sets the tone and regularly keeps in mind their commitment to excellence. Theirs is an example to be emulated.

By Joe C.

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